Secret Stairs: Combining Echo Park Alessandro Loop and Fellowship Parkway - A MUST

I just didn't know. Maybe you don't either.

Fellowship Parkway is a spectacular hidden jewel that every one should see. The perfect word is 'Idyllic' = extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

When you walk through the unmarked entrance and up the steps, it's like you've found a hidden hamlet, a small forest of overgrown gardens, tree swings and hammocks. Away from the city that is so close by.

Staircases from Lemoyne Street and Lakeshore Ave. lead to this unusual walk street. This long wooded path winds its way through turn-of-the-century Craftsman homes .

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The area founded by a religious group in the 1900s is the highlight of the Secret Stairs hike we recently walked. We combined Allesandro Loop with Friendship Park.

Secret Stairs: The entrance to Fellowship Park

A giant, beautifully shaped bougainvillea and four garages, where the owners of the homes in Fellowship Park store their cars, marks then entrance to Fellowship Park on Lemoyne.

Secret Stairs: Fellowship Park in Echo Park
This is really only a few minutes walk from Magic Gas.

"This is the part of then neighborhood that once was known as the Semi-Tropics Spiritualists Tract, an early bohemian enclave (dating from around 1920)," Jenny Burman at Chicken Corner reports.

For a complete guide, map and history, please buy Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming.

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