Pit Bull attack Saturday night 1/14 at Echo Park/Baxter

About 11:30 pm friends dropped me off, and on the way home noticed a pit bull and another dog hanging around Elysian Elem. School. They warned one person walking their dog not to go that way, but meanwhile a woman walking an old Lab ran into them. The pit bull grabbed his jaws into the head of the Lab, and my friends stopped to help her. While one tried kicking the pit bull to get it to break off the attack, the other fended off the other from getting involved. When the kicking had no effect he took to pounding on the dogs head with his fist, which finally had the desired effect, and the pit bull let go of the other dog. Unfortunately he ended up fracturing his hand in the process. Somewhere in this whole scene the dogs owner appeared, and ended up getting badly bit and bleed quite a lot. 

Letting pit bulls out to roam freely is extremely dangerous. I hope the Lab is ok, but in the process two people were injured. None of this should have occurred. I am very nervous about having my children walking around the neighborhood now. If anyone knows what the final outcome of this was, I'd like to know if the pit bull was put down, or is still a danger. 

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