Grand theft autos down 24 percent in Echo Park! Thanks LAPD and vigilant neighbors

This just in, thanks to a story on Echo Park Patch: Grand theft autos down 24 percent in Echo Park.


The only problem is the story and the headline focused on the fact that:

Grand Theft Autos Still an Issue in Echo Park

You had to read eight paragraphs into the story to understand that while some may consider this still an issue, grand theft autos in the area are actually on the decline. With great statistics from the to back this up, the reporter states grand theft autos plunged to 693 compared to 915 in 2008 - 222 less. That's remarkable. Further there has been no increase recently in grand theft autos.


This is online news. We're at work when we read these stories, and often don't make it to the eighth paragraph - and shouldn't have to - to grasp the true nature of a story.

The anecdotal lead about a recent resident's unfortunate car theft is compelling and the whole story is well done. But it's not the story.


"The problem has definitely gotten better, there's been a significant decrease from this same time last year," says Northeast Detective Jeana Franco, who spoke to Echo Park Patch reporter Sarah McClure. Now that's the story.


Echo Park Patch has just entered the community, and of course I was worried about the competition as there are already three online only information outlets in Echo Park. But let me tell you, is a resource. They cover many different stories than our community at And I welcome them to use our members as sources for their stories.


The two best reporters for Echo Park currently are, and this is hands down, Jesus Sanchez of and Kelly Smith of And they always find unique stories to cover.


I read all three regularly every day and I'm always interested. I will definitely link to them all more often from

this day on.


Echo Park can produce enough interesting stories for five reporters or more. As Huell Howser might say, "That's amazing!" is a community, a social network, where we can talk about and share all things Echo Park. Kind of like Facebook but for this neighborhood.


Jesus Sanchez, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, lives in Echo Park and covers the region he calls the Eastside better than anybody with


Kelly Smith is an engaging blogger who loves Echo Park. She covers city hall issues as good as most reporters on

Echo Park Patch, owned and financed by, does it from a legacy news position with a handful of paid reporters. I tried to find information about their relationship to AOL on Echo Park Patch but could find any. Please let me know if you find it.


My take on the story is the headline could have read "Echo Park Grand Theft Autos Down 24 Percent" but instead we have the Echo Park Patch headline - what was it again? Reader, what's your guess and please check the answer here -

Don't forget to read the eighth paragraph.

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