Echo Park was my first residence in Los Angeles, after migrating from the mid-west at the young age of 18, and arriving on a Greyhound bus to have a new beginning in the city of the angel's. I lived in Echo Park for approximately eight years, and those were my fondest memories, especially the ducks, geese and swans at the lake and the "grasshopper" type oil wells just down the street on Bonnie Brae and near Belmont High School.

My landlady, Haytivik Viola Smith, adopted me as her surrogate nephew and was my spiritual aunt until her death in 1979. Besides my natural mother, she was my greatest inspiration, through her loving kindness to me and many other people in the community. She became an artist after retiring from the Federal Government downtown, and her specialty was painting on Japanese silk with India ink. Perhaps, someone may remember her when walking her black Labrador Retriever around the lake and neighborhood.
Our neighbors across the street were Bertha Hill and her niece Sylvia Smith at 712 N. Bonnie Brae, directly across the street from where I lived at 711 N. Bonnie Brae.
Bertha and Haytivik were not related
709 and 711 N. Bonnie Brae and the shared yard are on 1 lot and sit side by side of each other, because there is no back yard behind either of the houses, just a walkway. They were built in 1924.

For some unknown reason, 711 (2 story house) was changed to 709 address.
Since 1979 when Haytivik died, there have been several owners.
I would enjoying hearing from anyone who may have remembered us.

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Comment by Mistah Wilson on February 2, 2016 at 10:33pm
I hope this helps :)

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