It only takes three paragraphs to get the stark point: "WE ARE ZONED AS A RETAIL AREA, and RETAIL AREAS

Ok, so what now for performance space/art gallery/ center of coolsville The Echo Curio? Grant and Justin wonder on their Echo Curio blog.

They see three options, but only one real choise.
a) Change their zoning, add a costly bathroom.

b) No music performances and lose money

c) Close at the end of the year

C seems to be the answer. But we do support them and hope there's another way to keep performing arts alive in the east end of Echo Park.

Cultural jewels should not be thrown away - there are so few. And this isn't the best outcome - closing a business is bad for everybody. What can we do? This would not be just a lost of Echo Park but for Los Angeles. Compromise LA!

There may be quite a divide in the community according to the comments at The Eastsider LA.

Support the Echo Curio Thursday for the opening of GEOFF GEIS’S won... subversive OBAMAPORN art show and think-a-thon. 8 to midnite.

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